Buying a home can be one of life’s biggest decisions, not to mention a time consuming, complex process. But for those desiring something unique in the realm of architecture, the search can be even more arduous. Imagine trying to describe the low-slung modern home of your dreams to a realtor whose bread and butter tilts toward generic limestone McMansions? That would not help your quest one bit. Fortunately, The Value of Architecture is a concept singularly dedicated to those looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Brian Linder, AIA, and Rick Grahn have more than 50 years of collective experience under their belts when it comes to buying and selling homes with pedigrees. They know there’s more to the process than adjusting MLS search filters. Brian is a licensed architect in addition being a real estate broker, while Rick’s background in construction management led to a career in real estate. Together, their love and appreciation for classic design, mid-century modernism and bold new aesthetics, helps clients discover exceptional properties in Austin and Los Angeles.

Key to the task of uncovering significant architectural real estate is a knowledge and insight into those who create it. This includes trailblazers from the past as well as the new generation of innovators. By building relationships with top architects in the areas served, Brian and Rick are able to offer clients early access to homes not yet available to the public. This includes not only new construction, but renovations and rebuilds of existing structures. Whether it’s timeless classics from a bygone era, iconic mid-century modernist abodes or creative new concepts, our team is dedicated to providing buyers with an unparalleled entry into a lifestyle less ordinary.

The connectivity between Los Angeles and Austin plays a large role in the company’s DNA. The sprawling City of Angels is the epicenter of film, television and grand ambitions, while Austin is the fastest growing city in the country. The music-loving community with its “Keep Austin Weird” slogan serves as an eclectic beacon for many who have already explored their California Dream. At the same time, the exact opposite can be true, with Austinites heading west to the Golden State. With offices in both locales, Brian and Rick provide unparalleled dual services to a continually expanding marketplace.

We are also partnered with Compass, the nation’s fastest-growing real estate brokerage and a technology-driven platform founded by innovators from Twitter and Goldman Sachs. Our agency’s two-city approach is unique within the Compass family, where realtors typically focus on single locations. The love of exceptional design is not limited to any one place and we understand that clients and referrals may look to expand their own borders, even beyond Austin and Los Angeles. For that reason, we have developed a likeminded network of realtors specializing in modern and contemporary homes across the country.

With offices in Beverly Hills and Austin, Brian, Rick, operations director Mike Berardi and our other team members are dedicated to providing an exceptional buying experience from start to finish. We believe that innovative business practices, attention to detail and a dedication to going above and beyond are intrinsic to successful representation. From exhaustive searches to skilled negotiations, we always go the extra mile. We’d love to chat further with you about the process.

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