Our founder Brian Linder, AIA is a licensed architect and real estate broker who has built his practice around the notion that architectural design adds significant value to real property. The team at The Value of Architecture believes that, architectural homes provide countless lifestyle benefits, carry greater premiums, and homes tend to be less sensitive to market fluctuations.

We’re Realtors; we help our clients buy and sell homes. Our expertise is in architectural properties, which can range from early-California adobe to well-crafted ‘20s and ‘30s design and from mid-century modern architecture to the New Blood design of the current era. While our qualifications lend themselves to our specialty, we’re a full-service firm committed to helping buyers and sellers find value at every price point . Whether a $1,500 lease or a $10,000,000 listing, we are ready to assist our clients with our vast knowledge of the industry and decades of experience, to make the process smooth, professional, and stress-free. We assist our clients in maximizing the potential benefit to be gained from a design-oriented lifestyle – our fundamental goal is to raise awareness of the value of good design. If you inspect our logo you will see “Properties with Design integrity” is a part of it, this is something we focus on. While we will not turn away helping our clients ensuring we find the perfect property for them, no matter what it may be, our website is an exclusive conglomeration of properties that are masterful pieces of art, and of course, have design integrity.

We feature properties our clients currently have listed for sale, along with unique properties listed by other Realtors. When we represent a distinctive property, we typically commission an architectural photographer to capture the work on film and frequently utilize archival images by the masterful practitioners of the time. We understand that our Client’s homes may be of an historical nature or are a work of art designed by prestigious Architects and therefore command premium prices. We incorporate the use of multiple, proven marketing strategies and approach each property in a way that is as unique as the properties themselves that we represent. We do our absolute best to get you, our Client that magic number. We bring our own expertise to describe spatial experiences with the written word. The site also serves as a blog or web-based journal where we record our observations of the real estate market and capture other agents’ listings that have caught our eye for their design merit. We also make our site available to brokers outside the local area, bringing exceptional properties to the attention of a wider design-oriented audience at no additional cost to their clients.

Our Team at TVOA has a new addition, our Director of Operations, Mike Berardi who has taken over The Value of Architecture E-mail Newsletters. His new approach is to send out an E-blast every 7 to 10 days with updates from our team. These newsletters include updates on what properties TVOA is currently listing and what properties we have sold to our 50,000 subscribers. . We have also implemented and updated a few other Newsletters, the first being the “Free Home Tour.” The Free Home Tour is where we inform our subscribers about architectural homes that have Open Houses in Los Angeles and Austin that we highly recommend visiting, even if it is not to purchase (however if you are interested in touring to buy please reach out to our team and we would be excited to help). Another re-designed e-blast that we are beginning to send out is Our Picks & TVOA..In the News. The Our Picks Newsletters highlight Architectural properties that are for sale that our team has hand selected, either for there superb design or the pedigree name Architect attached to the project. TVOA…In The News is sent out less often but serves the purpose of informing our subscribers on all the press coverage our listings receive in places like Dwell, Curbed, The Week, Modern Austin, and many other publications. We also promise not to spam you with useless advertisements. Our goal is to provide you with interesting content, free tours, and the latest trends in residential design. Click here if you’d like to be added to the list.

Please reach out to our Director of Operations at mike.berardi@compass.com with any submissions or questions about our Newsletters.

In August 2019, Archetype, Inc. | The Value of Architecture, made the decision to join Compass. Compass is a Tech & Real Estate company  with massive amounts of funding from the same investors that backed Uber. They offer many unique tools and approaches, including Compass Coming Soon and Compass Concierge. They have a goal called 20/20 aiming to be a presence in the top 20 markets in the world by 2020. Our team is excited to be part of the Compass Family.

We’re grateful you took the time to read about us and what we do, and we want to welcome you to our site. We appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have and look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and getting to know you!

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